Anger Resolution

Offered for: Men & Women

Many people believe that a little anger is all right and that it just needs to be controlled. Actually, the only one who has the right and authority to get angry is God. When we deal with others in anger, we put ourselves in His place. Success is determined by relationships; relationships are determined by character.

Qualities such as kindness, compassion, patience, self-control, gratefulness, and forgiveness are like principles that determine success in marriage, family, and business. If any quality is violated, damage that is often expressed in anger results.

Many people think they have no problem with anger because the only “blow up once in a while.” How would you like to live next to a volcano that only erupted “once in a while”? You would have continual tension, wondering if today was the day it would erupt. This is the kind of stress that many marriages and families are experiencing.

Group Focus

The focus of this group is to look at Jesus’ life as an example as we learn to express all of our emotions according to God’s design for our lives and to appropriately change our pattern of relating to others.

When most of us think of an “angry” person, we think of someone who destroys themselves and their relationships through uncontrollable outbursts of rage. We usually picture someone who goes around slamming doors, yelling loudly, and making life miserable for everyone, including themselves. Yet this is only one part of anger, as anger has many faces. Equally as damaging and destructive is anger that is suppressed, or “stuffed,” as it will only continue to destructively influence our behaviors and attitudes. Ultimately, even suppressed anger erupts from deep within the heart.

Recognizing and accepting responsibility for toxic patterns of behavior is the first hurdle to overcome as one runs the race toward true freedom from anger. Walking through the recovery process with Jesus Christ allows us to admit our powerlessness to control our anger, as well as trust that He will help us overcome our destructive habits.

Breaking the old patterns that have kept us locked into destructive behavior takes time. What took years to bring about will take some time to change. But with Jesus Christ, and the willingness to allow Him to change our life, real freedom from anger is possible!