Sarah's Laughter Testimonies

Melissa V.

My infertility story begins much like all infertility stories.  I pictured getting married, working for a few years, starting a family.  Sound familiar, right?
My infertility story is one of secondary infertility. As one year of trying and praying grew into 2, then 4, then 10. The treatments, the well-meaning questions, the doubts and fears began to weigh heavily on me. I felt alone, forgotten, broken, and passed-by.
One day I learned about a ministry called Sarah’s Laughter. I found comfort and hope in learning from other Christian women who “got” infertility. God used this ministry to start bringing healing to my heart. God has given me a passion to come alongside other women who are in that rough and raw stage of this journey and to share with them the hope and comfort God has given me. Infertility can be lonely, isolating, and heartbreaking, but we don’t have to walk this path alone! God is not finished with our stories! He loves you, sees you, and cares about your infertility journey.


I was almost 25 when we got married and when we were ready to start a family 6 years ago – well, nothing happened.  In the beginning of fertility treatments, I just knew God was going to answer our prayers and bring forth a child.  So you can understand that with each failed cycle our hearts grew hopeless and I started to question if God even cared about us.  I felt lonely and rejected.
A good friend introduced me to Sarah’s Laughter. I would just sit and listen to their podcasts and cry (you know, the big ugly cry). Hearing from other women who “got” infertility really resonated in my heart. I started to find hope in their stories and find Christ’s never ending promises in mending the broken heart.
If you’re anything like me, perhaps grief has enveloped you. Maybe you’re a little lost, wondering if you can remember life before infertility. What it was like to enjoy time with your husband. What it was like to have money in the bank, or before everyone but you started having baby showers. I pray God moves in women’s lives through this Sarah’s Laughter ministry to provide the same comfort it has provided for me.

Bobbi J.

I always knew I wanted to be a mother and like so many women I was hopeful and excited to start a family.
I met and married my husband when I was 25. Two years later we started trying for a family. Unbeknownst to me, my greatest fear was getting ready to come true. What was once filled with hope and excitement had turned to loneliness and isolation. We endured several failed infertility treatments, two miscarriages and exhausted finances. I felt alone and was angry with God. I didn’t think I could go on without being a mother.
I continue to navigate the road of infertility 14 years later but with a renewed sense of purpose. God has been patient with me and allowed me to see beyond my own pain so that I may be of comfort to others going through similar circumstances.