Journey of Hope:
CareGiver Support

Offered for: Men & Women

Journey of Hope is a Christ-centered group for people who care or have cared for a family member or friend who require additional care. We share together the often-difficult process of caring for them and receive strength and encouragement from one another.

In most cases Care Giving is a 24/7 responsibility. It is a responsibility that we gladly accept, it can also be very demanding. Many times, the Care Givers own needs are put on hold.

Journey of Hope is not a therapy group. It is a Christ-centered support group. The premise of our group is for caregivers to have a safe place to come together to talk about their needs and feelings.  In the process of meeting together, people find that they are not alone. They find love. They find others who will walk with them in their Journey of Hope.

The purpose of Journey of Hope is to provide support spiritual and emotional support for the care giver. Our group provides a place to talk about the many changes and challenges which caring brings.

This is a safe place to share your fears, tears, and thoughts.