Journey of HOpe: Cancer Support

Offered for: Men & Women

The diagnosis of cancer creates a crisis for the person with cancer and for their entire family. The diagnosis is frightening. The treatment is difficult. The aftershocks are long lasting.

Families facing cancer often look for a place where they can find the support and understanding they need to cope with the long-term effects of cancer. In some very fundamental ways, everything changes after a diagnosis of cancer has been made. These changes are equally significant for the person with cancer, for their family, and friends.

Journey of Hope is not a therapy group or a place to be educated about cancer. It is a Christ-centered support group. The premise of our group is for people with cancer, survivors, and caregivers to have a safe place to come together to talk about their needs and feelings. In the process of meeting together, people find that they are not alone. They find love. They find others who will walk with them in their Journey of Hope.

The purpose of Journey of Hope is to provide support spiritual and emotional support to individuals and families living with cancer. Our group provides a place to talk about the many changes and challenges which cancer brings.

We are here to help you cope with the devastating effects that a cancer diagnosis can cause in your life. This is a safe place to share your fears, tears, and thoughts.

Our Purpose

Journey of Hope is a Christ-centered group for people who have had a diagnosis of cancer or who have a family member or friend who has had a diagnosis of cancer. We share together the often-difficult process of coping with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Support is provided through the group leaders and the group members. It is a safe and confidential space.

Journey of Hope is not a medical clinic, a hospice program, or a group of experts who offer advice on the treatment of cancer. We are a group of people who are eager to listen, to share our own struggles and joys and to pray for each other. You are not alone.